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2008-10-02 01:06:32 by RComics

Roeth Comics News under the Flash News
>> Ok things are hard right now... so... I kind of hope I can get at least dick move up by the end of the month (and yes i know it's October already...)
>> I also haven't updated the Main Page at the RComics Site but that should be updated by the time they read this... THAT news is after the flash at the bottom before the video
>> Ok now for the real news...
Flash Progress :
OverAll WarFare Series: 59%
Dick Move: 87%
(Currently Untitled): 20% <<previously known as "Random Crap">>

Roeth Comics News
<< okay... I am working on the next issue but that's why all the strips are so long!
if you are pissed off that the new comic isn't out yet BUT you can keep yourselves busy with all the other 155 panel long comics!
<< Also, I have started making the written comics... so there will no longer be a space wasting page...
there will be Two new pages for the written comics one is the ORIGINAL WarFare STORY LINE and the other is a comic branch series for (Currently Untitled) and I haven't gotten any RoEtH Written Comics up yet because I want to put the paper ones up first.
<<<I haven't gotten any RoEtH Written Comics up yet because I want to put the paper ones up first, BUT if you go to youtube and get over 2000 views and comments on the video below then i will start working on the flash written series early.

/* */

Nothing by the end of Summer...

2008-08-28 05:27:03 by RComics

>> Ok if you were in the mood to get nice and pissed...
>> I originally thought I'd have at least WarFare 2 done by now...
>> Dick move is Almost finished
>> I'm going to start posting Roeth Comic news here but it will be at the bottom of the page so you don't have to read it if you don't want to...
>> And for some reason I've decided to start WF3 even though I'm barely half way done with WF2
>> I am going to start show ing the progress of my Flashes in percents
>> Current Progress:
(percentage does not apply to animation alone)
WarFare 2: 46%
Dick Move: 78%
WarFare 3: 1%
Random Crap: 10%
PreWar: 20%
WarFare One Pack: 86%

RoEtH Update
>> First of I am no longer updating on the RoEtH Site but I'll be using out the bottom space of my NG updates instead... so expect to see "Click here for Site Up Dates" the only things I will be posting from now on are the comics themselves...
>> Still working on the Second Issue of The Thirty Year (if you don't know what i"m talking about, then maybe you should go and read the comics huh? (I didn't mean that in a mean way))

And why not show you My newest gmod vid:
If you don't believe this is mine then go to youtube and search vids by "Clipsvh"
There will be four vids all made with gmod and my channel says I'm 20...

/* */

You know what I enjoy about being a member on NewGrounds?
The fact that you can state your most extreme opinion with out punishment!
Take some bad reviews for example, some of which i am guilty of dealing...
One thing you must always remember is if you are going to leave no CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, then at least make your review worth the time it takes to read it...
that would be gay...
but you should never try to find something wrong with the work what ever is wrong with it should be obvious.

Anyway after giving a good lecture I like to tell people about my up and coming piles of GOOD SHIT!

Now still working on WarFare 2, which is a pack in disguise.
I am only half done with part one.
WF2P1: Lab on Venus
WF2P2: Lunar/(Final) Confrontation

A new work! PreWar: The Condore's Rise to Power
Which is actually barely started.
Its WarFare BPT (Before ProtoType)

The WarFare One Pack: the fix it Flash
WarFare 2 Engine And fixed bugs in WF1..
like the fast text of WF1P1.

And Dick Move is nearly finnished

please watch youtube for vids by clipsvh
and for submissions here...


2008-06-09 15:16:19 by RComics

Guess what everyone and the RoEtH fans...
...well there is some good news...
my school is have our FINAL EXAMS
soo... if you are pissed at me for taking so long...
my year ends on the 17th... that means more time for fun shit!!!
like being on NG!!!

WarFare 2

2008-04-26 21:16:33 by RComics

The WarFare Website is not up yet, and I've just started WarFare 2
and I've started another series: "Dick Move"
It not what it sounds like

WarFare: Part One

2008-03-17 04:30:56 by RComics

To ROETH and myNG fans: WarFare is finally complete.
and production on WarFare 2 has begun but I'm still waiting to hear back from my new possible voice actor...
For now keep waiting for WarFare 2: Part One: Lab On Venus

WarFare: Part Two

2008-03-04 03:07:50 by RComics

(To the RoEtH fans) Your day has finally come WarFare: Part Two has already been submited.
To new fans or the same fans, WarFare: Part Three is almost complete, then it's back to WarFare (part one) then the interactive version, CodeName: ProtoType
Then WarFare 2 then 3
CodeName is going to be a first person interactive
it would be better if it could be a third person if I could code it...